Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saturday 02/18/2012 4:27:36pm
Name: Mandy Debono
Email: mandydebono14@gmail.com

Location: Australia
Well HELLO my fellow ex kibbutz refugees! I found myself on Ein-Gev in 1974-76 (maybe even right up till late 70s!) I honestly can't remember leaving the place! ... hmm... maybe I never did... (time to insert a warning to any ex volunteers children or grand children reading this post 'DON'T USE DRUGS...'

I was much younger than most of the other volonteers at only 17 and like the song said... thought life was only for beauty queens, hence fled from myself to beautiful Kibbutz Ein-Gev where despite my best efforts could still not be found....

Ever the drama queen...Does ANYONE remember MEeeeee......hehehe or lol...etc...

OMG yes it was fun (I think!) Some of the names here are a bit familiar....and I would LOVE to hear from anyone who remembers me, secretly fancied me or I lost my virginty to.... ALL of you....

These are the people I remember at this minute... Micheal Wells who I was madly in love with at the time but didn't realize until after he'd left for Elat on New Year's Day 1976....Ah...mind wonders off...that's a whole story to savoir for later... Lynne Vince-Jillings, Vanessa and Ofra... (Hey Ofra, we all went to Greece together and ran that tiny cafe/bar on that little island..REMEMBER!?!) My lips remain forever sealed about our time there!!!!! What a hoot....sadly Lynne's son was shot dead in South Africa several years ago....I saw her interviewed on TV but have been unable to contact her since then....(more on that privately if we email)

Who else...Rhodesian Dave (I think) shared room with Michael...the Dutch boys Hans and Corr....with the orange VW Hans brought with him to Isreal! (another big story or two around that!)

A couple of great Aussis. Hey girls I'm near Byron Bay if you're up north...
Fay Lerner...married a kibbutznic I think (TOOTS lol!!!!) I met your family in a shop in Melbourne quite by accident in about 1981....

Who else who else....Hey this is wild Does ANYONE REMEMBER one night a group of us went to go swimming in the Galilee and a HUGE GOLDEN CROSS appeared on the water!?!? We ALL saw it and none of us went swimming...we were in shock and awe struck.... would absolutely love to hear from any others there that night....

Who was the ginger American that married the Dutch chick...he was grimpy and she was bitchy (lol!!) but I think they had a great love story and around 4 kids and live/ed on Ein Gev....

Boy got memories flooding in....but its the middle of the night here so I'm turning in..... ah the beautiful French girl I went to see in Paris just sprang to mind.....name has not...but somewhere in a box half eaten away by giant cockroaches I have some photos...shall dig them up....

PLEASE CONTACT MOI Mandydebono14@gmail.com Mwah to one and all how lovely...(I think...!)


Monday 01/02/2012 12:08:26am
Name: Ian Davison
Email: leedsveg@tiscali.co.uk

Location: Leeds UK
Belated Happy New Year to all.

To anyone who remembers me, I'm now 65. I was recently reminiscing to my niece and said "I wonder where all the years have gone?" to which her reply was "The same place as your hair, Uncle Ian!"


Saturday 08/13/2011 5:04:12pm
Name: Cathy Lowe
Email: lckcaitano@discoverymail.co.za

Location: South Africa
Hi to all those volunteers who shared such a special time with me at Ein Gev from December 1979 until September 1980.


Saturday 07/16/2011 12:39:10am
Name: Ian Davison
Email: leedsveg@tiscali.co.uk

Location: Leeds UK
Good wishes to all kibbutz members, volunteers and former volunteers.


Tuesday 10/19/2010 3:05:29am
Name: John Mccormick aka kiwi
Email: j.rk52@hotmail.com

Location: waipukurau new zealand
Hi, here is my updated e mail address
My phone number is a cell phone on the vodaphone network... +64 21 1298429
will do an update later.


Thursday 12/31/2009 12:51:56am
Name: Ian Davison
Email: morveg@mailinator.com

Location: Leeds UK
Best wishes for a peaceful 2010 to all.

Ian Davison (1969/70 and 1972/73)


Monday 11/23/2009 6:06:26pm
Name: Michele Epstein
Email: ruthmepstein@yahoo.com

Location: All Over
Hi, I was a volunteer from July 1979 till January 1980 and would love to have contact with anyone from those days. I am South African but lived in Israel most of my life and now am in the USA - Lehitraot


Friday 10/09/2009 10:07:03am
Name: lauri jones
Email: lvjones@eclipse.co.uk

Location: devon s.west england[for now]
hi to all volunteers and members at kibbutz ein gev. i was on the kibbutz from mid 1979 to spring 1981. trust your lives are well and happy.

i am currently living back in the uk with a dutch wife and 2 boys; we have been here 10 years. before that i was in the netherlands working in the film industry [9 years] where i met my wife. and before that i spent 10/12 years overlanding in africa...time flies.

so it is time to catch up with people who remember, and say farewell to those who have passed. to volunteers and especially members [uzi lugazi/nava ohayon/daphna subari] who wish to contact me you can use my email address; i will respond...for those people who wish to remain silent...shalom.



Monday 08/24/2009 12:11:39am
Name: Gerald Williams
Email: gerald@owa.co.za

Location: Johannesburg South Africa
I worked as a volunteer in the dairy for 7 months in the summer of 1975. Had a great time and was very sorry and sad to leave.

Anybody out there that was there then -- is invited to contact me.


Saturday 08/22/2009 5:54:01pm
Name: richard elson
Email: richardandtatianaelson@gmail.com

Location: fairbanks, alaska
i volunteered at ein gev from january through april of 1976. it was a special, magical place: i rememeber my days there fondly, and even though i've not been back since, i still dream of returning someday...

Tuesday 07/07/2009 11:43:59am
Name: Ian Davison
Email: morveg@mailinator.com

Location: Leeds, UK
Hi all,

For photos of 70s volunteers, go into the Ein Gev photo pages in Facebook.



Monday 04/06/2009 4:14:18am
Name: Lyn Bauman (Eisenthal)
Email: jrzymom@aol.com

Location: New Jersey, USA
Wow - can't believe I've found this website! Was a volunteer in 1973 before, during and after the Yom Kippur War. I have such wonderful memories of all the great volunteers and Ofra and Shimon. Was anyone there during this time? would love to connect with you.

I was originally from Ohio, then LA for 20 years and now live in New Jersey.


Monday 03/30/2009 0:21:26am
Name: Kathy Sheehan
Email: kmcnichol@qwest.net

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Hi Volunteers from 1973-74. My name is Kathy, and it would be fun to reconnect with anyone from Ein Gev who was there in 1973-74.


Monday 12/22/2008 11:42:10pm
Name: Ian Davison
Email: morveg@mailinator.com

Location: Leeds UK
Message: Best wishes and a peaceful 2009 to all.


Wednesday 12/17/2008 11:23:38pm
Name: Klaas van den Berge
Email: kvdberge@kvdb.nl

Location: The netherlands
Email and link changed


+66 (0) 2 742 1344

Greetings, Klaas

Monday 11/24/2008 4:28:06am
Name: Holly Harris Feman
Email: Holbluz2@comcast.net

Location: Boston, MA
I just had dinner with my former Ein Gev roommate Sherrie Brown. We have stayed in touch. I was there '72,'73, '74-around there. I miss it and hope to return asap.

Hi to Robin K. from San Diego, Robin from Alabama, Lance, Sharon, Tom, Joel G., and many others. If you have a chance please check out my internet Blues radio show. It's on 24/7 and is called Ultimateblues.com

All the best,


Thursday 06/26/2008 0:38:57am
Name: Thomas Macfie
Email: soilscienceinc@hotmail.com

Location: Athens, Georgia USA
I was at the kibbutz for a few years in the early 70's. The work was hard and the life good. There are many people I remember but by listing them I would leave some of you out. I still remember working the 58 boat on the sea and seeing incredible stars at night. I know the kibbutz has changed some but it remains in a special place for me.

If you wish to write me I would enjoy it.

Leheetriot, (Bad transliteration)

Georgia Thomas


Saturday 05/31/2008 7:42:54pm
Name: Klaas van den Berge
Email: kvdberge@elements-for-life.nl

Location: Almere, The Netherlands
If you want to see pictures from Ein Gev please visit link below:


Love and regards to Helena, Ofra, Tito, Ilana, Family Wallack, Ernesto, Peter and Hans dutch, and all the people from 1981 1982 Kibutz Ein Gev !


Saturday 05/03/2008 5:28:05pm
Name: Hans Benninger
Email: benningerfamily@yahoo.com

Location: Switzerland
I am Swiss Hans and was a volunteer in Ein Gev between 1981 – 1984 were I spent the winters and worked in the banana fields.

I recently came across this website and I would be happy to get in contact with anyone who was in Ein Gev at the same time as me. By the way, I met my wife Else Marie (Danish) in Ein Gev. And yesterday we had our 25th anniversary. We met on May 2nd 1983 in Ein Gev on that lawn in front of the bar. We have been busy since then and we have seven kids!

Even though we are not in a kibbutz anymore, we are still volunteers. Please write me and I will tell you more.


Monday 04/21/2008 5:07:23am
Name: Jodie Siegel
Email: dogler@comcast.net

Location: Cambridge, MA
oh my! just surfing looking for israel photos for a project for my kids' school, and look what i found! Julie, Larry & Stephanie - no excuses for not being in touch. the rest of you out there...just seeing your names brings back rushes of memories! Life is good, going with my family to Israel in June - will be the kids' first time (they're 6 & 7)...don't know if we'll make it to ein gev.

Friday 12/28/2007 11:02:06am
Name: joe zammit
Email: jjmz59@aol.com

Location: london
wishing everyone on kibbutz ein gev a very happy new year.


Wednesday 12/19/2007 11:09:55am
Name: Ian Davison
Email: moreveg@mailinator.com

Location: Leeds UK
Seasons greetings and best wishes to all my Ein Gev friends. I often think of you. I wish for a peaceful 2008 for ALL of us.


Sunday 06/03/2007 8:39:02pm
Name: Ron Goodden
Email: rgddn@hotmail.com

Location: Atlanta, USA
Mitchell Hoffman, known to all who shared the Kibbutz Ein Gev experience in the 1970s, passed away of a heart attack May 26, 2007.

Rest in peace, old friend.

In Memory: http://www.legacy.com:80/postgazette/Obituaries.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonID=88433780


Friday 04/13/2007 0:37:10am
Name: Peggy Spielberger Klug
Email: peggy.klug@yahoo.com

Location: Atlanta, GA
I was a volunteer at Ein Gev from 9/72-4/73. I was originally from Alabama and came with my best friend Robin. I have wonderful memories of the good times that we had. I have been in touch with Sharon (NY), Robin Kusnit (Calif), Phyllis Borrin (Tsippi), and Doug Kazdoy who all found me via this website or by coincidence. Of course, I am still in touch with Robin who married fellow volunteer, Bob Berman, from Chicago. I would love to hear from anyone from those wonderful days!!!

I have been married for 27 years. I have 3 grown sons, 24, 21 and 16. I have my own catering business. Come to town and I'll cook for you!!!!

Hope to hear from any of you!!!!

Peggy Spielberger Klug


Tuesday 01/16/2007 9:13:21pm
Name: Juliette Hoffman
Email: juliette20005@hotmail.com

Location: pittsburgh, pa
By coincidence did I come upon this website and it was very entertaining to see some names I had not thought of in 30 years.

Jean-Marie, are you the same Frenchman I remember? We all hung out together, you, Marylyn, Isabelle. Until I moved in with Mitchell.

I have been in the U.S. now since '87. Please email: Juliette20005@hotmail.com. And of course my friends in the kibbutz. I found the phone book. I will be calling you!!!

Thursday 01/04/2007 8:38:59am
Name: JeanMarie DABURON
Email: themajuscule@cegetel.net

Location: rouen, france
"Bonne Année" to all my fellow mitnadevim, may it bring a little more happiness, peace and harmony in our world.

Special salutes to Joey, Steve, Billy, Jave, Ingrid, Albert and all my kibbutz friends. Shalom Tiki, Pomeranz, Peter, Baruch, Uzi and so many others...



Wednesday 01/03/2007 3:46:08pm
Name: joey zammit
Email: jjmz59@aol.com

Location: london
A very happy new year to all the 70s and 80s ex-volunteers -- and dave, uzi lagasi, gaddi and birgit or anyone who was there back in the early 80s. drop me a line. I was with little steve, big steve, jean-marie, billy creel, tex, carina, jave, karen, brigette, laura, emile and many many more great people. where are you now?


Tuesday 12/26/2006 8:03:28pm
Name: Jenny Levy- Pinto
Email: jenjen_318@yahoo.com

Location: Dallas Texas USA
(Volunteer 1979/1980)

Wishing everyone a happy new year. It's been a while since I checked the volunteer website. It's growing. Looking good!

Catch you later,



Sunday 11/19/2006 2:58:45pm
Name: Miriam Klein Hansen
Email: freshair@vtlink.net

Location: Montpelier, VT
Hi, I lived in Ein Gev from 1966-1967. Penina took care of the volunteers and Uri taught the Ulpan. I'd like to find Hannes Volklein, Richie and Mika Fox and Nelleke Drukker who also volunteered at that time.

If anyone remembers me or them, please write to me at this e-mail address. I have two children, aged 21 and 18, and would be happy to have members of the kibbutz visit if they or family are in the northeast United States.



Tuesday 10/17/2006 6:34:12am
Name: Earl Altshuler
Email: earlalt@cwo.com

Location: San Diego, California

I was there in the summer of 1972. Shimon Ron came to my home in San Diego and spend several months with us.

I hope to hear from him. I haven't had contact with him since 1973.

Hope all is well.

Earl Altshuler

Saturday 08/12/2006 5:43:25pm
Name: fabian bass
Email: fabian@flic.com.mx

Location: mexico
I went from Mexico to Israel as a volunteer at the Yom Kipur War. I arrived to Ein Gev November 6th, 1973 and spent there 9 months. People named me Jesus Christ because of the length of my hair.

Wartime was a unique experience there. Maybe somebody remembers me, because in June 1974 there was a terrorist alarm and 2 days later the kibbutz ambulance had to take me to the hospital to an emergency apendicitis surgery. Many people from Mexico thought I was wounded by the terrorists.

Hope to hear from somebody who was there during those wonderful times.


Wednesday 08/02/2006 1:08:26pm
Name: Klaas van den Berge
Email: kvdberge@hetnet.nl

Location: The Netherlands
I was a volunteer 1980-82. Most of the time I was working in the Carpentry together with my friend like my father Tito Benshetrit. In the year 2000 I visited him in the kibbutz. I remember the good things and friends in the past: Family Wallack, Gordon Thomps, Sergio Lasky, Claudia, Helena Bimstein and many others ...

I hope to travel again soon to this beautiful place. Love too much Israel and Kibbutz Ein-Gev!!

Klaas van den Berge
Bramenstraat 16
1326 HH Almere
The Netherlands
homepage: www.kvdb.nl

See photos from Israel !! on my site


Foto Film >>> Foto >>> Vakantie >>> and final Israel


Wednesday 07/19/2006 11:02:15pm
Name: Jenny Levy Pinto
Email: jenjen_318@yahoo.com

Location: Dallas TX
I have been thinking about Ein Gev and I pray that you are all doing well during this time.

Please keep save and God Bless you all.


Sunday 07/02/2006 9:58:57pm
Email: franco.deborah@gmail.com

Location: Israel
I was at Ein-Gev from Dec 1970 to Sept 1971. I am still living in Israel, and quite often visit the kibbutz. I am in touch with Ahuva and David and with Shimon Ron who's lived in Jerusalem for many years now.

It would be great to hear from anyone I knew then.


Friday 06/30/2006 3:07:26am
Name: Jack
Email: jackostro1@hotmail.com

Location: Canada
Hello and Hi from a late 70's volunteer. Had a great time and have tons of photos in this link: http://www.geocities.com/jackssweeteingev/ Loved every minute of EG and please send me any photos you may have, so I'll post it for all to see.

Bye for now kisses from Jack.

Thursday 06/01/2006 8:32:31am
Name: Christiane Dörflinger-Rütz
Email: christiane0905@web.de

Location: Germany

I lived in the Kibbutz from 1979 to 1980. I lived with Uzi Lugasi, and would like to know if he is okay. Would be happy if I could hear something.



Tuesday 05/09/2006 7:47:04pm
Name: JeanMarie DABURON
Email: themajuscule@cegetel.net

Location: Rouen, FRANCE
Hello everyone, I visit the site quite regularly, and it is always a pleasure and a great surprise to see names popping up, names one thought they were forgotten but bringing anyways memories and images back to life...

I was in En Gev several times between '79 and '84, spent quite a few months every time, so I guess EG is a big part of my life, one that gave me great opportunities to grow up, to stretch a bit my mind and my knowledge of the world. Met plenty of people, some were OK, most more than that, at least as far as I can recall 25 years later. (It is true that when you end up on top of the "job list" in the dining room, with a permanent good work, you kind of become quite obnoxious with "Fucking New Volunteers" you don't even know the name of, may they forgive me for my attitude!!! And by that, maybe miss excellent people to meet).

Anyway, I would love to have news of Laura, with whom I had great Shabbat breakfast with Pierre and whoever showed up after a night partying in the Ulpan Room -- wild times, fancy dressing and cheap booze, I know, I was the bar tender with Billy Creel!

I'd love to see again Simon, Ian, Caroline and spend some lazy afternoons on the beach, chatting with Uzi before a quick jump in the warm water... Even these movies one couldn't understand with the filthy loudspeaker have some charm by now. Maybe Albert will drop by on the site and tell me if he remember these exciting fishings on the "58" when mulets were jumping all over the place, and nets were pulled hard then. Where is Tori, who arrived too late that summer, I drove to Susita on the garbage tractor I "borrowed" from Chaïm. We were a whole bunch on that trip and we watched the sunset on a kind of second state! (euphemism!!)

Well, enough of rambling, the ones who remember me know where to write, hello to Joey and "little" Steve I've seen last year in London, Hi to Jave too. And Billy, you better move your ass to send a word!!!

Leetra'ot to all mitnadevim!


Thursday 04/13/2006 6:03:49am
Name: Phil Goldstein
Email: philgoldstein@pacbell.net

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California
It was a highlight of my life to have worked at the Kibbutz for two months in 1972.

I invite anyone who was there that Spring with me to write me. Or anyone else, too.


Monday 04/03/2006 2:39:28am
Name: Jenny Levy Pinto
Email: jenjen_318@yahoo.com

Location: Mexico (now Dallas Texas)
I am so happy to find this site. Hi Jack, do you remember me? Jenny, from Mexico. Jessica (French) and I shared a room. I am in one of those pictures. Great memories. I thought some brain cells maybe had died then but I do remember that costume party and Albert and you.

Hope to hear from you so we can catch up with where we are now.



Sunday 02/19/2006 6:05:03am
Name: steve cohen
Email: stevemanchester@gmail.com

Location: Ohio - formerly Manchester, UK
What a great site!!! I'm originally from Manchester, England but am now living in Ohio where I'm married and working as a teacher. I spent several months in 1980 at Ein Gev. What an amazing experience! Twenty odd years later I still feel so lucky to have travelled and spent time at Ein Gev as a "youngster".

Met some great people there. I remember the two Israeli girls who used to hang around with us: Osi Nayhos and Anat Lavin. I stayed with Osi's family in Tel Aviv. I think they lived in a place called Hod Hasharon. Also, Haim Ben Haim from Nesher in Haifa. He was sometimes on guard duty. We had some great laughs together. Also, Birgitte Bohne,a Danish girl from Tranbjerg, who I ended up dating and travelling with to Crete to work in the vineyards. I remember Austrian Albert, Carlos from Guadalajara, Mexico, and three British blokes who'd been working on the oil rigs. They cracked me up with some of the outrageous stuff they'd get up to.

Anyone remember the feeling of having to get up at first light and taking the early morning rides to work in the banana or date plantations after a bit of over-indulgence the night before? Cornish Israeli Dick driving the tractor with us bouncing around on the trailer behind would make matters worse. Cheap banana brandy the night before would sometimes also make it dangerous climbing out of a cherry picker and into date trees three hours later the next morning.

I also recall a very special lady living on the kibbutz called Ruth. She was about seventy years of age in 1980 and she'd invite me over to her place for a chat. She had escaped from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. I remember her telling me that she had been a member of some English society in Berlin and she'd love to sing English songs to me to share what she remembered. I must admit her cakes were pretty good too.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. I'd love to hear from any of the people who helped make my time on Ein Gev so special.

Friday 01/06/2006 4:27:56am
Name: Steve Holmes (Big Steve)
Email: k_holmes@dccnet.com

Location: Vancouver BC, Canada
I was a volunteer from 1980-1985. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, having discovered this wonderful tool of the internet.


Tuesday 09/06/2005 5:17:18am
Name: Arnie Sasportas
Email: sas@eingev.org.il

Location: Kibbutz Eingev
Does anybody know if John Menzer is still living in New Orleans? John, if you are out there, get in contact with me.

Phone No. 011 972 4665 8921


Wednesday 08/24/2005 10:16:50pm
Name: James Dyer
Email: botz7@tiscali.co.uk

Location: Seaford, East Sussex, UK
Message: Shalom...Greetings...et alia.
I was at Ein Gev, twice. Once from Oct 1973-74 and then again in Sept 1975-76.

Hated the place during my first visit...then fell in love with Ein Gev and Israel in '75. Have been back several times since and met my friends Arieh, Sabari and Tzivia, Piet and several others. I work in the antiques trade with my best friend Jilly. Hope to live in Israel, eventually (at least part of the year) probably in Tiberias, where Jilly and I will be staying with friends, for the whole of November, this year.

I loved working in the banana plantations and having banana fights as we passed rival agolahs...tripping over the sprinklers...laughing at Mitchell and taking the mickey out of Shmueli.

Remember Larry and Steph (the horse-riding demure english girl) with fondness...my old Nowegian pal Bjorn Larsen...Sharon and Anne from Canada and numerous others...Hope you are all doing well and drop a line any time.

Shalom Chaverim.


Sunday 07/31/2005 4:17:55pm
Name: Vivienne and Huggy
Email: vivienneaudibert@yahoo.co.uk

Location: Surrey, UK
We were volunteers from July-Dec 1979, and particularly remember Steve and Inge, Marion, Albert and Dafna, Sue and Ken, Red-headed Dave, Linda (USA), Barbara (AUS) and a few members -- Baruch, Gaddy, Carlos, Ofra and more whose names now escape us.

We particularly remember the Friday night mix of the vodka from the shop and a very small amount of orange juice (still, Saturday was a day off for most of us!!) The parties, the good times and the memories are still vivid and we would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.


Sunday 07/24/2005 2:00:08am
Name: Sydney McAra
Email: sydneymcara@hotmail.com

Location: 52 Young Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
I remember a balmy October evening and cicadas clicking when I arrived at the kibbutz in 1972. A wonderful 3-day kibbutz trip to Acre, the Lebanon border, a crusader castle hidden away in the hills and a fascinating trip back to the kibbutz via the Golan Heights. Musical highlights were Nikos Theodorakis and his concert party in November and the Festival of the Passover concerts in April 1973.

I remember Ian, Paddy, Ron, Nobby, Mitchell, twins Robyn and Billy Jo from Alabama, a redhead from Georgia and Babette from Strasbourg.

Enjoyed another kibbutz trip to the Dead Sea, Masada and Jerusalem. Also a Greek monastery hidden away in the Judean Desert. An aquaduct winding through the hills provided the necessary water.

A favourite job was artificially pollinating female date flowers. Male and female trees were in separate areas. Perched 30 feet up a date palm on the edge of the Sea of Galilee at 4:30 was idyllic, until the morning 80 jets of the Israeli Air Force swept low over my head and I headed for the bushes below on an urgent matter.

More memories next time.

Syd McAra

Monday 07/04/2005 1:47:22am
Name: Sherrie Brown
Email: Sherrieber@aol.com

Location: Scarsdale, New York
I was amazed to find this site by chance as I will be going to Israel with my family the end of this month. I was on Ein Gev from September-December '72 and the summer of '73. I fondly remember Tom Macfie, Holly Feman, Sharon, Paddy, Bart, Joel from South Africa, Muki Tsur, Becky Strouss, Lea Boker, Boulder and Brooklyn (Mark and Debbie), Ian, Nobby, Robin from Alabama and so many others. College was so boring after Ein Gev! I went to law school and became an attorney which was not much harder than working in the banana fields and washing dishes! In 1999, my husband and I adopted our daughter, a beautiful and wonderful little girl from Russia.

I miss you all and will never forget this amazing period of my life where I had great friends from all over the world.

My love to all!


Friday 07/01/2005 10:47:42am
Name: Ofra ben-shetrit
Email: ofrabs@netvision.net.il

Location: Tel-Aviv , Israel
Shalom dear friends, this is my new email address (July 2005).

I remember you well and would love to hear from you, my good friends. Please drop me a line lost friends.....

Lots of love from Ofra


Tuesday 06/28/2005 1:36:43pm
Name: Gerald Manko
Email: Gmanko225@comcast.net

Location: Michigan, U.S.A.
My uncle, Dr. Felix Manko, lived at Ein Gev and worked there as an M.D. many years ago. Does anyone remember him? I am most eager to learn more about his life. Thank you.


Friday 06/24/2005 7:34:09am
Name: JeanMarie DABURON
Email: themajuscule@cegetel.net

Location: Rouen, FRANCE
I was just checking the new messages on EG's site and, good surprise, pictures!!! and recent ones... Thank you Ron for the treat! It's true I recognised the kibbutz all right, although much has changed around the restaurant and harbour since the 70's and 80's. It seems the banana fields are in the shade -- must be a sauna under there!!! Nice to see Peter (Is the "58" still floating, Rais?) and Arnie too, who was rather cool in the Noy then I had the job there (sorry about all these mowing machines blades I broke, Arnie -- too much stones to pick in the heat!!!). Hi to Joyce, very much the same as when she greeted me for the first time in the kibbutz, she was then the Volunteers' mum. Thank you for letting me in; I would have missed plenty of good times and great people in the following years!

I met recently in London Joey Zammit and (little) Steve Winter, they are both alive and well. It was rather weird to see them after 20 years, but right away we connected again and all this time was kind of wiped out. Of course, we exchanged news of whom we could but did't stay on the "good-old-times-in-En-Gev" ground. We talked too about present and future and that was great too! Next time, they'll come to my place!!!

Hello to all I know and all who know me, and every one else too... I'll be back to check for more news and messages. Maybe a couple of pictures too?


Sunday 06/19/2005 5:25:19pm
Name: John Kenny
Email: johnkenny49@hotmail.com

Location: El Paso, Texas
Just finished reading Ron's message regarding his return trip to Ein Gev. What a wonderful moment re-experiencing times spent during the 70's in a place we all so loved. One day I hope to re-visit and see old friends & old places. A lot of "blood under the bridge" has gone by for so many of us but Ein Gev remains a highlight in our lives and we're better off having experienced it.

I've been back in El Paso for nearly seven years. One day, in the not too distant future, I hope to return to Europe for another experience. Until then...

Regards to all those volunteers of the 70's who may read this message.

John Kenny
El Paso, Texas

Wednesday 06/15/2005 7:55:52pm
Name: Ron Goodden
Email: rgddn@hotmail.com

Location: Atlanta, U.S.A.
Old Friends:

My wife and I are just back from a MidEast trip that included three wonderful nights at En Gev. I'm happy to include a link below to some photos of the experience.

My official host, Dutch Pete, couldn't have been more gracious and Joyce and Arnie were equally a joy to reminisce with.

As someone has said, there is much new and much unchanged about the Kibbutz. I made no attempt to photograph it in its entirety, choosing instead a few photos that ... well ... reflect the En Gev we all remember.

(Note: You can stop/restart the slideshow to give yourself time to read the captions.)


Sunday 05/29/2005 3:09:52am
Name: jack
Location: Canada
Hello to all past friends. Check out the link below for photos of past volunteers & memory lane.

ref: http://www.geocities.com/jackssweeteingev/


Saturday 05/14/2005 0:36:16am
Name: Larry Greenberg
Email: lawrencehgreenberg@yahoo.com

Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Stephanie and I are still in Chapel Hill, NC where we've lived since leaving Israel in 1986. We now have an (almost) 2 year old grandson in addition to our 4 sons aged 16 to 29, all doing great.

We'd love to hear from any old friends from the 70's Ein Gev days. What a great time that was!


Wednesday 05/11/2005 5:07:31pm
Name: Julie Haskovitz
Email: jlhaskovitz@aol.com

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Wow, this guest book is really something! Arrived in Ein Gev August '76 and was there off and on through 1980. I was Shabtay's first wife. Our daughter just moved back to Israel and is living on a Kibbutz on the Kineret and serving in the IDF and loving it.

Hi Larry and Stephanie, I think you changed your e-mail address. I was wondering if your son is still in Jerusalem? The apples just don't fall far from the trees sometimes. All is good here. Want to say hi to anyone that remembers me. For SOME reason my memory just isn't all that sharp for that period of time. But it was nice to see your e-mails -- Cindy, Peter, Piet, Shimon, Ofra, Lee. Does anyone know how to contact Caterina (Paris) from '76?

Here's to some great memories!
Julie Haskovitz


Sunday 05/01/2005 12:40:02am
Name: Jerry Stanton
Email: Stanton92@hotmail.co.uk

Location: England
Hi, I was there from May, 1978 for 6 months.

I remember Shmuel, a very strong, deaf kibbutznik and Gudi, Refka, and the Mexican Zionists who were there, also Judith Cohen from England and the three crazy Scotsmen.

Saturday 04/16/2005 11:16:46pm
Name: Ron Goodden
Email: rgddn@hotmail.com

Location: Atlanta, U.S.A.
Dear Readers,

The service that acts as host to our guestbook had a catastrophy in January, 2005 which resulted in our guestbook being erased!

The good news is that I had made paper copies of the first five years, and have been able to fashion a replacement guestbook for our website.

The bad news is that I didn't have copies of those messages posted after December of 2002. So if you put up a message in the past and it isn't now showing, please add a new one. That way we'll be able to make up for anything lost.

Any of you who wish to edit past messages, by the way, or UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESSES may also do so. Just include something in parentheses to that effect and I'll be happy to make changes or delete the old in favor of the new.

Ron Goodden
Webmaster and En Gev volunteer 1972-73


Saturday 04/16/2005 11:09:15pm
Name: Steve Allen
Email: serealty@aol.com

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida USA
Message: (Originally posted December, 2002)

I worked at En Gev before and during the Yom Kippur War, picking bananas & dates and working in the fish restaurant.


Saturday 04/16/2005 11:06:34pm
Name: Harv Zimmel
Email: Tortugareef@aol.com

Location: Santa Monica, CA USA
Message: (Originally posted December, 2002)

I was a volunteer at Ein Gev during the months of September, October and November 1973 and was caught up in the Yom Kippur War during that time.


Saturday 04/16/2005 11:03:27pm
Name: Dave Allen
Email: dallen1@mweb.co.zw

Location: Zimbabwe
Message: (Originally posted December, 2002)

Phew, just found this site and I have been looking through the comments made over the years.

Talk about a trip down memory lane!

All these people. I would love to hear from anyone who logs on to the site ... I am the person that Bill refers to in his first message on the last page of the site back in 1997 I think!! ... as "Rhodesian Dave" although I have not even thought of that name for my country for twenty-odd years now.

Back in the late 70's it was called Zimbabwe Rhodesia for a while ... now it is refered to as a basket case!

Still, I am here, trying to make some sort of difference ... how clearcut things seemed back then in that magical place with all those magical people.

Ari, Yosi (the marathon Man who ran us ragged in the bananas), his daughter who visited me here in Zimbabwe, Irish Nick (who also came here and married Tulli from the boats), and Ofra and her father (who I worked with in the carpenters shop when I wrenched my back loading a truckload of bananas), Leaha and Mitchell (who always pinched my cigarettes) and Julie, Bill and Wayne from the butt-end of N.Z., Clarita and Veronica, and Pat and Wes (who was never found) ... So many people I would love to hear from or hear about.

David from Mexico who worked in the dates and had a lovely sister who I swear I never touched. Vanessa and Lynne who was the world's most gorgeous creature ever and who I most definately did, and Anna and Susan in the denim dungarees, and Wilma of course.

The best of times with the best of people ... was it Howard who had an electric guitar and no amp, who was crazy about the Grateful Dead? And my china, Phil.

I remember one night in my room (yes, I had my own room, one of those prefab concrete places, for a while ... I painted a huge orange sun on the wall inside with my silhouette, arms outstretched, against the sun) ... anyway ... party time as I had music (a car tape deck and speakers powered from a 12 volt supply ... before the days of walkmans and speakers or CD's) and in that tiny little room were crowded 20 people and every single one was of a different nationality.

The things we talked about, the worlds that were invented, the problems that were solved, the LIFE!

All you who were there, we share something unique and it must be shared again.

Please write or put something up on the website.

To all who remember the experience of a lifetime, to quote one of the Purim shows put on by the volunteers,

"If you're happy and you know it,
shout SHALOM!"

Cheers, Dave


Saturday 04/16/2005 7:45:34pm
Name: Bill Megennis
Email: b.megennis@kwik.net.nz

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Message: (Originally posted November, 2002)

Great website! Some familiar names appear ... 1974-75 doesn't seem so far back in time. Shalom all you fine people!


Saturday 04/16/2005 7:41:40pm
Name: Lee Kravitz
Email: Lee_Kravitz@parade.com

Location: New York City
Message: (Originally posted October, 2002)

I volunteered at Ein Gev between October 1976 and April 1977 after spending the previous year exploring Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan by Land Rover. Became a journalist and now editor of America's largest circulation magazine. Have wondered lately about some of my friends back then: Karen Levi, Jack Hamilton, Jodie, Shabtai, Paul from Australia, others. If anyone has news of their whereabouts, etc, I'd love to know.


Saturday 04/16/2005 7:34:50pm
Name: John (Johnny) Screeton
Email: john_s@netvision.net.il

Location: Bait Shemesh Israel
Message: (Originally posted October, 2002)

I was a volunteer 1967-1970. Today I am known as Yonatan Shaked.

I would love to find old friends. Ariella, Ann Marie, Roge', the 2 Irish girls, Nicky (UK Jewish volunteer who had a relative living on the Kibbutz), etc etc. ... Our Ulpan teacher was Gershom Fine. Arieh Zinger was our madrich for trips. Pnina our Ulpan mother. My "kibbutz parents" were Mendel and Gesia Nun - whom I'm still in touch with. I would love to hear from volunteers/members of that time.



Saturday 04/16/2005 7:27:09pm
Name: ofra ben-shetrit
Email: betichut@netvision.net.il

Location: Tel-Aviv
Message: (Originally posted September, 2002)

We all had such magical time together in Ein-Gev. I would love to hear from some really good old friends especially from Veronica Stephens (la,la) from england, vannesa from south africa and lynn vince-jillings from johannesburg, and from patrice lechat from montpellier, france, from giles cooper from england and especially from terry ball from perth, australia ... all other friends are welcome to come forward as well. love to all of you from ofra!


Saturday 04/16/2005 7:18:23pm
Name: Yves AYOUN
Email: patreek42@hotmail.com

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Message: (Originally posted September, 2002)

Thank you for bring me back to memory lane. I have very fond memories of my 6 months in Ein Gev in 1976 and plan to write a book about all my experiences in the kibbutzim I have been to. I miss Mt. Susita where I used to go watch sunsets on top of. I can't even start thinking of all the fun we had in that kibbutz. The banana picking was so hard but rewarded with a good swim in the lake. I fell on the kitchen floor one evening shift carrying a pile of glass plates and my arm was cut and infected for weeks. So I hanged out and did nothing ... We use to go and check out the hidden army tanks near the lake and play piano in the concert hall at night when no one was there. I went back to Ein Gev a few years ago for a short visit and yes it has change a lot, very money oriented now, but it is still very beautiful. However it will never be the same again...


Saturday 04/16/2005 12:41:16am
Name: Ashild Fyllingen
Location: Norway
Message: (Originally posted May, 2002)

Shalom. I had a nice time in the kibbutz in 1977/78 as a volunteer.

Saturday 04/16/2005 12:39:06am
Name: Klaas van den Berge
Email: klaas@kvdberge.nl

Location: The Netherlands Almere
Message: (Originally posted August, 2002)

I was volunteer in 1980-82. Most of the time I was working in the Carpentry together with my friend like my father Tito Benshetrit. In the year 2000 I visited him in the kibbutz. I remember the good things and friends in the past. Family Wallack, Gordon Thomps, Sergio Lasky, Claudia, Helena Bimstein and many others ...

I hope to travel again soon to this beautiful place. Love too much Israel en Kibutz Ein-Gev!!

Klaas van den Berge
Bramenstraat 16
1326 HH Almere
The Netherlands
homepage: www.kvdberge.nl


Saturday 04/16/2005 12:28:22am
Email: nabokoff@free.fr

Location: France
Message: (Originally posted May, 2002)

I was at En Gev April to August 1975.

I remember very well those months -- hard work and very good time; met an English girl we called her Mrs Bitten (mosquitoes loved her ...)

Remember two American teens who left the kibbutz an early morning to S.Africa with their bicycles ...

Good luck to all the volunteers.



Saturday 04/16/2005 12:22:58am
Name: Willy Hellebust
Email: hellebust_willy@hotmail.com

Location: Norway
Message: (Originally posted May, 2002)

I remember from 20 years ago I used to work in the kitchen together with a person named Batsheva Efrat. Please send my regards if she is still there. We used to fry eggs and omelets for breakfast for all the kibbutzniks. I wish your community and the people of Israel ALL the best.


Saturday 04/16/2005 12:18:29am
Name: Tim Baum
Email: timbaum@ptdprolog.net

Location: Lititz, PA , USA
Message: (Originally posted April, 2002)

I was bored at work today, thinking about all the violence in Israel these days and got wistful about the three months I spent at Ein Gev January thru March 1979. It was when the Egypt/Israel peace treaty was signed; we planted a new banana field that day. It was on Ein Gev that I really got a taste of international life, all the wonderful people there. I wish I could remember the names. I came to Ein Gev with Tom from Canada who I had met in Athens. Kathy (?Hennesy), I think from Boston, came with us. There were two Swedish nurses who were very sweet. Big Dane named Peter. I remember Jean Paul's knight's costume for Purim. Mette from Denmark charmed me. We celebrated my 25th birthday around a campfire and I played guitar for everyone. I recall playing "Amazing Grace" on my oboe for a Shabbat dinner.

The craziness had just started in Iran, Althea said her father called her and told her to leave because a war was going to start and we thought he was CIA or something - the rumor spread until we found out her father was a dentist.

I went to Nueaba with a bunch and we had a great time snorkeling. A nurse from NY was with us. I wonder if Howard and Vicki are still together - did they start their kibbutz in Seattle?

Other memories - The Australian who shaved his head and had Charles Bukowski quotes on his wall. The Aussie woman who made cleaning the loo her specialty. Those damn birds pooping on us every day at 5 pm. Bottles of Arak. Doing the dishes at the restaurant and eating ice cream and drinking beer for dinner. Shoveling sardines. Picking bananas and having a snake or rat run down your back. If I can find my notebook more will come back to me and I will be sure to write.

Now I am a nurse practitioner living among Pennsylvania Amish here in Lititz. Stop in and say hi (phone)717-625-3914. Love and Peace to you all.


Friday 04/15/2005 11:53:43pm
Name: Keith Spiegelman
Email: kleet@mho.com

Location: Colorado, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted March, 2002)

In Spring and Summer 1972 I was a volunteer at En Gev. The Lod massacre occured while I was there, a terribly sad event then--as is what is going on today.

I worked in the date fields and later drove a tractor, hauling the trash to the dump for Chaim, a Moroccan who spoke no English. Tsippi Wolfson was director of the volunteers, a beautiful woman not much older than me. Ofra Ben Shetrit was a friend and so were many others.

Amongst the volunteers were Eve, Maryanne, Tom from Georgia; but I particularly remember Gayle P. from Winnipeg. And good memories too. The sea, the trips to incredible places, the friendships.

This is a wonderful site, and I thank those who have created it!


Friday 04/15/2005 11:37:50pm
Name: Susan Zelitch Yanovski
Email: Yanovski@cais.com

Location: Rockville, MD U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted February, 2002)

I was a summer volunteer in 1969. Great memories -- picking grapes at 4:00 AM, a "Hippie Party" with Ofra Ben Shetret and others, climbing Mount Susita (one of our party got bitten by a scorpion), watching the Moon Landing in the dinning hall. Avner was there as well, an American volunteer who I remember well. Also, red-headed and bearded David. Host parents were Shimon and Leisel Jacoby, and they had a teen daughter, Tzila. Kids still lived in childrens' houses and visited with parents in afternoon. Found this site via a search engine, as I'm about to go to Israel with my husband and 3 kids (ages 13, 11, and 7), and was describing kibbutz life to them. Nice to see it's still around!


Friday 04/15/2005 9:44:09pm
Name: Jean-Marie Daburon
Email: themajuscule@wanadoo.fr

Location: Rouen, France
Message: (Originally posted January, 2002)

It feels funny to be back in E-G, after all these years, although it's all virtual! I recognised several names never really forgotten--how could I--and my memory started to bubble: vivid images came back to my mind, among them ...endless nights on the Kinnereth, cruising after schools of fishes, chatting with Albert, Peter, Baruch, Chaim, and our Rais Yossi "gingy" Pomerans! Some of those nights were marvellous, but sometimes rather less, especially when one had to quit a party for freezing showers under dripping nets! I reckon I hid a couple of times, to see the "58" leave without me on board, but this trick had to be seldom used as banana fields were not a good alternative (I still hate the cold early mornings, trying to fight the cold under the filthy tarps on the ogalas!!); I remember this trip in the Sinai when, after a long hike in the mountains near Nuweiba, we all 35 or so volunteers ended up bathing in a camel drinking pool, maybe 15 by 15 feet large. What a relief it was. I guess it was because because we were all naked that Alberto and Baruch laid down their gun and clothes and jumped in as well!. I was volunteer from November 78 till June 79, then back again in the winter of the same year for another 6 months. I came back a couple of times later on, and left Ein Gev in July 1984, sailing from Haifa to Venice, Italy. Of course I could spend hours here, evoking stories and peoples, but that would be too long right now. I just want to have special thoughts to Billy Creel, a Georgian gentleman (and his sweet love to Haddass), along the Kinnereth. Pierre and Sophie ...ou etes vous, comme dans la chanson bien connue ... And you Tex, we figured you were an old man because you had a moustache and ten years more than us! And to make it short, the best family in the Kibbutz, named the Tsabari. I love you Yossi and your wonderful lady, and your daughters, and your son.

Anyway, it was a great time I had all those years. Too bad it's over. Maybe I could get a glimpse of it again if messages continue to add up and ties will be relinked. Love you all.

Jean Marie


Friday 04/15/2005 2:33:03pm
Name: Jenny Pinto
Email: jenjen@att.net

Message: (Originally posted August, 2001)

July 79 till sometime in 80, can't remember what month I left Ein Gev. Anyway, I was cleaning some boxes and I came across an address book with names of people I partied with in Ein Gev. If anyone reads this please contact me I would love to talk and remember the "good ol' days".

Albert Kagerer, Corjon Sckoorl, Carlos Estrada, Cathy Lowe, Connor McCrann (boy I wanted him so bad!), Avner Tavori, Davy Spiers, Eileen Jones, Eric Potter, Federico Vega, Gorge Ashkins, Inger Chr Johansen (who married Steve from South Africa I think), Jane Perry, John Bwdgewnter, Klive Patterson, Karen Ratcliff, Kerry Bucklay, Kim and Sean Hickman, Laura McFarlane (I would love to find you Laura, you were a lot of fun and my God, did we get drunk New Years) Margaret and Steve Bowden (I hope you remember me, we got to be real close), Miro Ben Nun (my first boyfriend on the kibbutz), Margi VanDijk (Maguza!), Marion Goldswerg, Neil Vandore (I think he broke his arm), Philip Abbou, Pat Christopher (she never left home without a bottle of vodka under her arm), Sibyle Saver (Please send me your email address again, I lost it), Usi Lugasi (I don't know if you still live in the Kibbutz, but I used to go to your house and listen to Supertramp and Pink Floyd all the time), Shimon (who also lived in the Kibbutz) ... All these people I can remember, and after 21 years I still remember faces and great memories of parties and hanging out ...

I learned a lot in Ein Gev, and that year was one of the best times of my life. I met the most incredible people, and Jessica and I have kept in contact since then (she now lives in Australia.)

I know that the Kibbutz has changed a lot since then, I am so glad I went in the 70's because now it's not as crazy as it was when I was there ...

Lots of hugs to everyone and I will go back some day.

Jenny from Mexico


Friday 04/15/2005 1:54:42am
Name: Janet Light Brooks
Email: jlb11351@hotmail.com

Location: Marietta, GA U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted August, 2001)

I was the southern girl on Ein Gev for about 2 months in 1973. I have wonderful memories. I have not been back to Israel since 1976. I live in Atlanta and have taught deaf kids for 26 years. We have 4 children; two have been been to Israel. We plan to go when our youngest goes in 4 years. I remember Scottish Pete, Mitch, Mary Jo and a lot of kids from South Africa. If anyone remembers me please write.



Wednesday 04/13/2005 11:59:46pm
Name: Gib Sosman
Email: jgibsosman@aol.com

Location: Kansas USA
Message: (Originally posted July, 2001)

Hi everyone, it was a treat to find this website about Ein Gev. It brought back memories--the ones that are still left after nearly 31 years. I read most or all of the posts here from former residents, and I only knew a very few of you.

On July 25, 1970 I flew from New York to Tel Aviv and then took a bus to Ein Gev. Avner (formerly Richard Gregory in my high school) was a hometown friend and invited me to come to Israel. Anyway, I got to Ein Gev late in the afternoon, I guess on July 26, 1970, and Avner and Jill weren't there but in Jerusalem!! ... well, there I was at Ein Gev, and I did not know a soul in 10,000 miles, except Avner. So for the first night I set up a little tent by the shore near the restaurant and went to sleep after dark. And a guard with a big black military gun awoke me (nicely but firmly) at 2:30 A.M. "Who are you?" I then told him my story. He knew Avner. But he said "You shouldn't sleep here--too dangerous." or something.

Next day I found my way to Jerusalem and located Avner and Jill. The next day or so we all went back to Ein Gev and I got set up in a cabin with a young man named Novak (last name. I' can't remember his first name but his dad was the newspaper columnist.)

In my short time there I first worked on the fishing boat (and later in the dates) ... I was in the metal dory that the fishing boat pulled, the open boat full of ice and tarps and later in the day, lots of fish. In the very brief intervals between the fish being emptied from the net and the net hauled on board and the Captain hitting the throttle and moving to the next fishing spot, I would dive off the bigger boat straight down into the water. But the captain and crew were impatient to move on: I was not on a swimming party. I can't remember the names of captain and crew, but this was August 1970 and I was the goofy American kid who would bum cigarettes from them until finally one of them nicely suggested that I buy my own.

I remember that brief time with deep fondness. It was my first "Great Travel Adventure"--and maybe the best, like First Love. To have the priviledge to, even briefly, be a Galilee fisherman: I felt I was in ancient, honored company. Ein Gev and the Galilee have haunted and touched my heart all these thirty years since. I wish I had known more of you, but I was gone in September 1970, back to the US and later to No Harm Farm in Nova Scotia, where Avner came after he left Israel. Now I live in Kansas, a single dad with a wonderful 8 year old boy named Gabriel.

Does anyone know where Avner is these days? Or Boo? Also, does anyone have any photos they took of the people there in the summer of 1970? If so, I would LOVE to see them. I can pay the costs of reprints and postage.

Wednesday 04/13/2005 11:38:21pm
Name: Johanna Rajala
Email: joara@hotmail.com

Location: Finland
Message: (Originally posted May, 2001)

Hello! I am from Finland. My father, Mauri Rajala, was on that kibbutz at the end 60's and the beginning of 70's. I was wondering if someone remembers him.

Johanna Rajala


Wednesday 04/13/2005 11:34:53pm
Name: cookie mellitz
Email: whoffer@aol.com

Location: nyc
Message: (Originally posted March, 2001)

i was on kibbutz ein gev from sept to dec 1972, whith sue silverstein, robbie from south africa, diana murray from the uk, joyce and arnie. we had the big spaghetti dinner for the volunteers where we coundn't get the water to boil. and of course the toga party. ofra and her palm reading, and there was a woman who was an artist who i posed for.


Wednesday 04/13/2005 9:41:59pm
Name: Trina McKay (nee Cockram)
Email: trina.mckay@iomcollege.ac.im

Location: Isle of Man (British Isles)
Message: (Originally posted March, 2001)

I was at Ein Gev from September 1978 - January 1979 and have many happy memories. I particularly remember Uzi, Shimon, Ofra Ben Shet-rit and her brother (Gadi?). Also around at that time were:

Laura (Brixton)
Alan (Australia)
Don (Australia)
Gayle (Australia)
Sue (Rhodesia)
Fiona Nicholas (England)
Christine (Germany)
Simon (Jersey)
Dave (England)

and many others, too numerous to mention. Sadly, Fiona's boyfriend Alan was killed in a car crash a few years after leaving Ein Gev.

I am now very conservative and straight-laced (I bet no-one believes that), working for the Isle of Man Government and married with one daughter. Would love to hear from anyone there at that time. Address is: 1 Birchley Terrace, Onchan, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM3 4EY


Wednesday 04/13/2005 9:28:26pm
Name: Bill Brady
Email: Bill.Brady@crc.ca

Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Message: (Originally posted February, 2001)

I was a volunteer at Ein Gev from January until September of 1971.

I just found this site by chance, and just finished reading all the comments. The first person I recognised was Ron Lesser who was my roommate for my stay at Ein Gev, and which Ron eluded to in his comments. As I continued to read I came upon John Menszer's comments, who must have an encyclopedic memory, because as I read a flood of memories and people came back to me as if I was still at Ein Gev.

I worked mostly in the bananas, some time in the dates (where I almost got electrocuted), and in the fish pools. Oh, I also had a few stints with those bloody chickens. There was also something about crushing down grass in a pit with a tractor all night and almost falling asleep.

From Israel to Canada. When I returned from my travels I settled down and started a family. Ten children later ...(that includes three step children). Our last girl was born last Christmas Eve, and she is beautiful.

As you can see I won't be going anywhere in the near future, but feel free to contact me.

Thanks to all for the memories.


Tuesday 04/12/2005 11:35:59pm
Name: Sharon Schamberry
Email: sharn@optonline.net

Location: Long Island, New York
Message: (Originally posted January, 2001)

I was a volunteer from approx Aug, 1972 til Jan 1973. I remember Joel Greenberg, Sherry from NY, the Alabama girls, Peggy? and Robin? Jessica from England (didn't you and a friend visit me before I got married?), playing scrabble, eating St. Peters fish, swimming by moonlight, an adorable Israeli soldier (missed my chance), playing soccer, bagging bananas. I love those memories. I think I remember Joyce from Australia, and so many others, I can remember all your faces. Reading the messages has helped jog my memory a little. The reason I am writing is because my daughter Kristin is now a volunteer at Ein Gev. She has only been there two weeks, and has already let us know she may like to stay longer. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Please get in touch with me, I would love to hear from any one of my long ago friends.

Tuesday 04/12/2005 11:25:40pm
Name: Steve Spielberger
Email: Trickworm@aol.com

Location: Alabama, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted January, 2001)

I was there from October 2, 1973 thru March 1974. REMEMBER THE YOM KIPPUR WAR?

Had long hair. La, where are you? From Birmingham, Alabama then and now (still here). Best times were drinking beer at restaurant and eating St. Peters fish ... Please anyone from then--write.


Tuesday 04/12/2005 11:20:35pm
Name: Peter Wilby
Email: pwilby@brucefoodsla.com

Location: Lafayette, LA (U.S.A.)
Message: (Originally posted December, 2000)

I was a volunteer from Sept 72 off and on until 1978. Met my first wife Cindy Ginsburg at Ein Gev. Now married to nice Cajun girl, Margaret. I remember milking in the nude in the refet, the piss-ups in Tiberius, Nor's Bar, and other drunken reveleries. Where in the world is Dave Bowen? He was best man at my second wedding -- last seen in Arizona. I'm writing this from Kathi and Nobby's on Christmas day in North Carolina. Steve Hill and Laura Matz are here too. We're reminiscing about the great times at Ein Gev ...


Tuesday 04/12/2005 11:12:51pm
Name: Peggy Spielberger Klug
Email: ASMPBS@aol.com

Location: Atlanta, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted December, 2000)

I was at Ein Gev from Sept 72 til April 73. I was so excited to learn about the website from Robin and Bob last night that I pulled out all of my photo albums right away! What a blast we had.

I have lived in Atlanta, Ga. since 74. I have been married for 20 years, and have 3 sons, ages 17, 14 and 10. I'm a nurse by trade but started a catering business out of my house 14 years ago so that I could stay home to raise my kids. I still use my nursing skills 1 month each year as a nurse at a summer camp where I went as a kid and where my kids have gone for the past 8 years. I still remember almost everybody (photo albums helped jog the old memory!) I would love to hear from anybody/everybody!!! I'm also flattered to have been remembered and mentioned by some of you guys! I remember Sharon and Sherrie from NY, Joel/SA, Dutch Piet (can't believe you're still there), Peter, Nobby, Paddy, John/Eng, Doug K (you're still in Israel, too?), Ga. farm boy Tom, Lance, Jessica F, Texas John, Scottish Peter (remember "Robert Browning Day"?), Robin and Joyce/Aus, Arnie, Mitchell and Dina, Ron, Sid, Darryl, Tsippi, and Michal, Frank, Bean, Robin K/San Diego--Oh, I hope I haven't left anyone out!!

Unfortunately, I'm computer illiterate but have listed my son's email address. You can also write or call: Peggy Klug 9891 Carrington Lane, Alpharetta, Ga 30022 (suburb of Atlanta) (770)619-9100


Tuesday 04/12/2005 9:36:08pm
Name: Bob Berman
Email: rberman@technicalconcepts.com

Location: Chicago, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted December, 2000)

I was a volunteer in 1972. I met Robin from Alabama. We are married for 25 years. We have a 20 year old girl and a 22 year old boy. We returned to the kibbutz 7 years ago when we had our daughter's bat miz in Israel. We would love to hear from our past friends. We remember Arnie and Joyce, Dutch Peter, Patty, Big John, Mary Jo, Tiki, Scottish Peter, Mexican Ester. There are so many. It was one of the greatest times in both our lives. We would love to hear from our old friends.


Tuesday 04/12/2005 9:27:55pm
Name: Ron Leeser
Email: rleese1@juno.com

Location: U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted October, 2000)

I was a volunteer at Ein Gev from January until September of 1971. Currently alive and well and living in Connecticut, USA (I was originally from San Francisco). I arrived on the same bus as Bill Brady (my roommate for the next 8 months), Dr. Bob Singer, and Outrageous Dave Bowen. I worked in the dates (t'marim) with Uri, in the Noi with Yoel ben Yosef (whose brother Ze'ev hosted wonderful Monopoly and Scrabble games over Elite Coffee), and in the Lul "tending" chickens with Amram, Gale (England), and Dov (Mexico). My kibbutz parents were David and Ahuva, and Shimon Ron was the protector of the volunteers. I adopted a curly mutt named Scruffy. I learned about health and the irrelevance of chronological age from Dr. Roden Bo (Boo). If these names ring a bell with you, I would love to hear from you and know where the road of life has led you. My friend, John Menszer (Messages #5-6), who is not only a master of creating pictures with a camera but with words as well, named a large cast of characters, all of whom I remember. Does anyone remember Raga Rock (presided over by Sheriff Phil)? Maybe we can have a virtual reunion. Oh, I am planning to visit Israel in mid-December with my wife and 2 beautiful children, ages 12 & 9. This will be the first time I will be in Israel since I left Ein Gev in Sept. 1971. I hope to visit Ein Gev and connect with some of you who may be there. I welcome any travel tips. If you contact me, I will fill you in on more details of my wonderful life.

Tuesday 04/12/2005 9:08:55pm
Name: Hilary Schlinger
Email: abqmidwife@aol.com

Location: U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted September, 2000)

Volunteered in 1978.


Tuesday 04/12/2005 9:06:48pm
Name: S. Richard Hurwitz
Email: hurwitz@samoatelco.com

Location: Samoa
Message: (Originally posted August, 2000)

I worked there in the summer of 1969.


Tuesday 04/12/2005 1:30:53am
Name: Paddy Sweeney
Email: kfc.ps@xtra.co.nz

Location: Britain / New Zealand
Message: (Originally posted August, 2000)

(Volunteer in 1972-73) Hi all you old volunteers. And to all my good friends who have been trying to track me down all these years--you'll find me hiding out downunder. On flying away in 1973 Dylan came to mind: "As I was on a plane going west I closed my eyes to take a rest ... and dreamed a dream that made me so sad, that I was leaving the best friends that I ever had."


Tuesday 04/12/2005 1:25:23am
Name: Simon Anthony
Email: S.T.Anthony@student.salford.ac.uk

Location: UK
Message: (Originally posted July, 2000)

I was a volunteer during the summer of 76 and then again the following summer to the start of 78. Worked mainly in bananas. Not been back to Israel since 1982, though I've travelled extensively through work and trekked around eastern and southern Africa. Good to see so many of the old characters have left their comments. Does anyone know where Steve Perlman or Dougal Mactavish are? Currently doing a Masters Degree in International Relations after several years of working too hard.


Tuesday 04/12/2005 1:19:11am
Name: kevin broadfoot
Email: kevin.broadfoot@merton.gov.uk

Location: UK
Message: (Originally posted June, 2000)

I was a volunteer on Ein Gev (working in the bananas & tractor driving) from early September to mid November 1977. I'd be delighted to hear from any of the volunteers from those days, in particular Rosemarie Engl, and Karin.

Tuesday 04/12/2005 1:15:37am
Name: Robin Walburn (Kusnitt)
Email: walburn@gte.net

Location: San Diego, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted May, 2000)

I was on Ein Gev from 1972-1975 and then I went up to Kfar Blum after that until 1979. I would love to hear from anyone who was on Ein Gev during those years. I remember Robin and Peggy from Alabama, Nobby, Paddy, Arnie and Joyce, Mitchell, Ofra Ben-Shetrit, Jessica Fenton, Teddy from Mexico and so many others I just can't recall right now. I went back to Israel for a 2-week visit last September and had a wonderful time. It was my first trip back since 1985.


Monday 04/11/2005 11:10:10pm
Name: Thomas MacFie
Email: soilbek@daktel.com

Location: Georgia, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted February, 2000)

Just to say hi to all the wonderful people that were at En Gev in the early 70's where I spent about 3 years. The memories are great and I guess others had a good time judging from the guestbook. I have even directed a couple of brothers and nephews to stay there. Good to see that Dutch Piet has put up a good show.

I heard from Ian Davison the other day by way of this page - thanks.


Monday 04/11/2005 11:04:03pm
Name: Ian Davison
Email: The.Davisons@ukgateway.net

Location: Leeds, UK
Message: (Originally posted February, 2000)

I stumbled on the site by chance and was carried back to my volunteer years 1969-70 and 1972-73. Happy memories of the Finns, Perti Salo, Pekka Kuisma, Ayala and Sepsut the dog. Also my best mate Pieter (Dutch Pete), Paddy Sweeney (my predecessor as kibbutz garbage collecter) and New Zealand Sid. I remember Sid telling me that the happiest moment of his life was seeing volunteer girls topless by the Dead Sea. And I remember endless games of Scrabble with Tom MacFee and trying to keep up with Jossi Sabari when carrying two banana bunches. Rehearsing with Pieter and the kibbutz choir, then me falling over drunk before our Passover performance. Where are you now Susan Bohrer and Esther Baradon? I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. SHALOM, Ian.


Monday 04/11/2005 10:54:02pm
Name: Bruce Topletz
Email: btopletz@hotmail.com

Location: Texas, by way of 2 decades in Panama
Message: (Originally posted January, 2000)

Message to Webmaster:

Ron, when did you get to Ein Gev? All the names sure sound familiar. But after over twenty-seven years, that's a ton of water under the bridge and out to the Kinneret.

I wasn't there for long (Sep-Oct 72) but it was long enough. From flooded chicken coops to waterless treks up Susita to a very long night in Tiberias punctuated by a wild bus ride "home," not even three decades can erase those memories. And I wouldn't want to.

If you're interested, I kept a diary log of each day. Some of the names have to be the same, and there's plenty more.

And if it wasn't you I first met on the bus to Ein Gev, I still appreciate your work!

Bruce Toplitz


Monday 04/11/2005 10:40:49pm
Name: sean stone
Email: stone7@attcanada.net

Location: vancouver, canada
Message: (Originally posted January, 2000)

it was so wonderful to find this page. i was there thirty years ago. i don't recognize any names for 71 and 72, but i will go ahead with mine. susan kerr, gail, stephen neirman, the finns, duncan and the dogs rupert and rosa. i worked mostly on the fishing boats with captain baruk. would love to connect and share photos. shalom, sean.

Monday 04/11/2005 10:29:09pm
Name: John Menszer
Email: menszerman@nola-law.com

Location: New Orleans, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted January, 2000)

Just checking in. I love the photo album on which we can post our Ein Gev memories.

For the past year I have been working on my Holocaust survivors web site. Check out www.holocaustsurvivors.org and tell me what you think. John


Monday 04/11/2005 10:19:29pm
Name: Cindy Ginsberg Rousseau
Email: womenfly@friend.ly.net

Location: Maryland
Message: (Originally posted December, 1999)

Wow. It's frightening reliving the past. All is well with my life. Married, no kids, dog, 3 cats. Run a couple of businesses. My husband doesn't know anything about Ein Gev or Israel, and still, after 25 years, I am talking about the 2 years I was there. My experiences sure changed the life and outlook of this overprotected suburban american kid. Hey, anyone heard from Mitchell & Juliet, Canadian Pete, Alberto? Met a guy named Brud in Maine a few years ago who was at Ein Gev in late 60's. That was wierd. Anyone know him? All my best to the Ein Gevniks still there - Arnie & Joyce, Sid, Yorem Smoler etc. Does anyone know where Shabtai or Julie is? Thanks for the memories!


Monday 04/11/2005 0:40:48am
Name: Piet Stroomer
Email: piet@eingev.org.il

Location: Israel (originally Holland)
Message: (Originally posted December, 1999.)

Hi, it's me again.

Does anybody have any contact with Veronica (La) Stephens and Michelle Lazarus? Please contact me. Thanx.


Monday 04/11/2005 0:37:36am
Name: john mccormick
Email: kiwi52@prontomail.com

Location: New Zealand
Message: (Originally posted November, 1999)

Hi kiwi here. Terry we did visit you and Eric. Are you still living in Romema? Kathi, I have more information about Beth and Betina. Contact me about it. Steve Hill, how are you getting on? Still working on Chrysler cars? When did you get married? Your eldest is the same as ours I think. Larry and Stephanie where is your darling sister Stephanie? She did give me a hard time didn't she. Linnea, sorry I spelt your name wrong yesterday (along with a lot of other words) Linnea Hamer works or did work in DC not NY. She was working at the Smithsonian Institution, don't remember which part. I bet there is better than a 50/50 chance she is still there.

I do these entries from a cyber cafe. When I went home last night I got out my notebook from my traveling days and found more info.

I think I have some photos of you Stephanie with your 24 year old in a push chair taken at the refet. You had better come and get them. The last contact I had with Patty Enneking she was living in the state or area which has a phone code of 703. Barbara Ennis (kiwi Barbara) left Ein Gev in late july 1977 with Bruce Coddeford who came from Vancouver. Kathi, Do you still want some wool for spinning? Mitchell has a photo of me taken in London at Marble Arch. Ask him about it.

That's about it for now .....

John McCormick


Monday 04/11/2005 0:21:15am
Name: john mccormick
Email: kiwi52@prontomail.com

Location: New Zealand
Message: (Originally posted November, 1999.)

Hi everyone, Nobby & Kathi, Larry & Stephanie. Long time since 1977. This is Kiwi. Home is 30 miles north of the address you have of my parents. My email address is above, my fax number is +64 6 8775027. It's along time since Helene and I saw you Stephanie in Jerusalem 1981 when we were back at Ein Gev even longer since the Dylan concert in Earls Court. Hi Nobby, Kathi I heard about your message from South African Keith who was in the Army you may recall. He was Tessa's friend. Tessa visited us a few years back and has been back to Ein Gev. If anyone wants her address in London I have it. Have never found Barbara since I came back here. I did hear she was way up in the far north of NZ many moons ago. Has anyone seen Leanna? Last I heard she was living at Harpers Ferry and working in NY. She has a family.

I met Helene in Soho at a pub. The Great Windmill Tavern. We married in 1981 Sept 28 at the Greek Orthodox church in Perth West Australia and have lived around Hastings City NZ ever since. We have two daughters aged 14 and 16. I wrote to you Kathi years ago to a Cape Cod address but the letter came back. Haven't heard from the girls B&B from London Ontario Canada but I met some tourists here some years back who knew them. After leaving Ein Gev I went to the UK where I was based until coming home with Helene in 1981. Helene is the daughter of Greek immigrants who went to Perth in the 1930's.

You all are welcome to stay in our home should you be visiting down under. My brothers run a Farm Stay Tourist business on the farm. It costs you nothing you work for your keep. Sounds familiar doesn't it. Stay with us as long as you like. The gang of volunteers who were at Ein Gev from Jan 77 to May 77 are especially welcome. Terry (Therese Jawor) did Helene and I see you in 81 in Jerusalem? I recall I think you were living in a new suburb. Helene and I went across the Sinai by taxi and stayed with a friend in cairo who was working for the American Embassy flying officials to Tel Aviv and back. They were working on the details of the camp david agreements. The canal was open when we crossed. It was an interesting time to be in cairo then.

If you are wondering why i use kiwi on my E address, well everyone who was at ein gev still calls me that, so why change it. There is no point when I pick up the phone and people say is that you kiwi?

I hope you and yours are all in good health. look forward to a phone call fax or email.

John McCormick

Sunday 04/10/2005 6:55:12pm
Name: Larry & Stephanie Greenberg
Email: LarryHG@aol.com

Location: Chapel Hill, N.C., USA
Message: (Originally posted November, 1999.)

I first came to Ein Gev in Feb. 73, and roomed with Dutch Pete. I just recently eaw a picture of our volunteer group performing the song "In the Summertime" at the Purim party. I spent a lot of time with Bean Greenstein -- whom I'd like to locate.

Stephanie and I met as volunteers in Feb 74 and got married later that year in the States. We now have 4 sons, aged 11 to 23. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary with a trip back to Israel, spending time in both Jerusalem (where we lived from 78 to 86) and Ein Gev (where we both lived from 75 to 78). Ein Gev still feels like home. We got together there with Joyce and Arnie, Dutch Pete, Salo, Muki, and Imi and many others. It was a real treat. In Jerusalem we spent time with Terry and Eric, and also with Shimon. Back in the States we're still in contact with Mitchell and Juliette, and Alberto, and also with Kathy and Nobby who we discovered last year living only 2 blocks away.

We'd love to hear from any old friends and reminisce about the good old days.


Sunday 04/10/2005 6:42:04pm
Name: Piet Stroomer
Email: piet@eingev.org.il

Location: Israel (originally Holland)
Message: (Originally posted October, 1999.)

I was known as Dutch Pete in the years 1972-1976. I'm still living on Ein Gev and married + 4 children and 2 dogs.

Life on the kibbutz still very much agrees with me. You would still recognize the place. Of course, there have been changes, socially and materially. Especially the harbour area has seen a change for the better. Volunteers from the 70's who are still living in Ein Gev besides me are Joyce and Arnie, Dick Jeffrie, Sid Robbins, and I probably forgot somebody.

I'm working in the bananas. Not many volunteers there anymore, mainly foreign workers from Thailand. Volunteers usually work in the restaurant, dining room, fishing, garden and kitchen.

I would like very much to hear from any of you, but if anybody knows anything about the whereabouts of Ian Davison, Paddy Sweeney and Pete Berril I'd be obliged. Also thanks to Ron for putting up the website. I can also refer you to the Ein Gev homesite: www.eingev.org.il.

Bye bye to all of you,
Dutch Pete


Sunday 04/10/2005 6:28:14pm
Name: Rebeca Sclar de Bielas
Email: rebeca@nl1.telmex.net.mx

Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Message: (Originally posted August, 1999.)

Shalom javerim 1970 - 1971 !!!

I would like to say that it's very good to hear from all the people that went to the kibbutz in the 70's. What a wonderful time.

Regards ...


Sunday 04/10/2005 6:24:29pm
Name: Norah Schwartz
Email: schwartz@colef.mx

Location: New York (originally); Berkeley, CA
Message: (Originally posted July, 1999.)

I was a volunteer from Nov. 1973 - May 1974. Currently, I am an anthropologist doing research in Tijuana, Mexico. I'm considering returning to Israel next year and would love to speak with other people who were on the same kibbutz as I was. What a treat it was to find this web page! Thank you for setting it up.

Shalom and que le vaya bien (that's Spanish for Shalom),



Sunday 04/10/2005 6:17:30pm
Name: Kathi Cloughly and Nobby Mawby
Email: cloughly@us.ibm.com

Location: Chapel Hill, NC USA
Message: (Originally posted July, 1999.)

Nobby and I met at Ein Gev in 1977 and just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.

Nobby was a volunteer 2 other times: 1972-1973; and 1974. He remembers Lance and the piss-ups in Tiberius with Paddy; many of the folks mentioned by Doug Kazdoy and especially the webmaster Ron Goodden who was Nob's first roommate in '72. We are in touch with ex-vols Laurie Matz, Steve Hill, Peter Wilby, Cindy Ginsberg Rousseau, Steffie Price, and recently stumbled upon Larry and Steffie Greenberg -- after four years of living in Chapel Hill, NC I recognized Steffie in the grocery store only to find that they live two blocks from us. They showed us pictures of Terry Jawor and family from Jerusalem.

Has anyone heard from Dennis and Nick Schweibish, Canadians Beth and Bettina, Patty Enneking, New Zealanders Barbara (the beautiful) and Kiwi John, the Shadow, Aussies Jan and Karina, Pat Logan, Amy, Andy Kumin, Dutch Jeffrey who sang 'no woman no cry' naked in a tree, and so many more?

We'd love to hear from fellow volunteers and kibbutzniks (especially Nira and Smadar Sabari, Mayana, Meir Tchinski who hasn't aged a bit, and David from dates).

Sunday 04/10/2005 5:59:17pm
Name: Steve Hill and Laura Matz
Email: sfhill@massed.net

Location: Holliston, Mass. USA
Message: (Originally posted July, 1999.)

Hello volunteers from 76-77! We are married 19 years and living in Massachusetts. Haven't been back to Israel since 77, but we would like too ... We see Kathi Cloughty and Nobby Mawby regularly, as well as Pete Wilby who is living in Lafayette, LA. We have two boys ... 14 and 11 ... the older, Matthew, had his Bar Mitzvah last year. Does anyone know what happened to Rosie Kiel from Melbourne? Australian Bruce? Clarita and Veronic? Just replied to Terry's message!! What a thrill! This is a great idea, and kudos to the guy who put it together.


Saturday 04/02/2005 12:56:49am
Name: shimon ron
Email: tsron@hotmail.co.il

Location: Israel
Message: (Originally posted June, 1999)

Sweet memories! Hi, I'm still alive and well, living in Jerusalem. Many in this list I still remember especially the ones John Manzer mentioned and you John, what a documentry ... this is some nostalgy. I'm still in touch with some of the ex-70's like Debbie Franco, Ahuva & David, Terry & Aric and of course all the ones that are still in the kibbutz.

My email address is above. You're all welcome. Shalom lehitraot.



Saturday 04/02/2005 12:50:29am
Name: Terry (Therese Jawor)
Email: arik.b.yehuda@sb.com

Location: England
Message: (Originally posted June, 1999)

I was in the kibbutz 1977-1978. Now I am living in Jerusalem. The only friends I'm in contact with are Shimon and Stephanie. I wonder where is Laura-Lee and Pat, (Wesley x girlfriend). It would be nice to all get together again for at least one last drink before we are taken away ...


Saturday 04/02/2005 12:44:50am
Name: Daniel Buchsbaum
Email: daniel@madeirahouse.prestel.co.uk

Location: Mexico, but I live in England
Message: (Originally posted May, 1999)

My time living in Ein-Guev was one of the nicest most relaxed times in my life.

I first went to Ein-Guev with garin Sde-Boker in 1978. And then returned to live in Ein-Guev for two or three years. And I really liked and enjoyed it.


Saturday 04/02/2005 12:37:34am
Name: Jenny Levy-Pinto & Michele Epstein
Email: Jennyville@aol.com

Location: Mexico / Israel
Message: (Originally posted May, 1999)

Reunions DO happen. Michele Epstein and I met at the kibbutz in 1979/80 and thru email we found each other after 19 years. Today Michele is visiting me in Dallas, Texas.

So come on all of you old timers from our days, look for those who you met back then and there is a huge chance you will reunite and share the stories that only US that were there can truly understand.

So Bummy, Ofra, Maggie (Maguza), Jessica, Simon, Lauri, Laura, Pnina, Jean Paul Peron, Carlos, Katie, Miro, Philippe, Sandra, Paul, Sven, Steven, and Inge and much much more, get into the email and let's have an email reunion, and who knows ...

Miss you all,
Jenny Levy-Pinto / Michele Epstein

Saturday 04/02/2005 12:04:41am
Name: Reed Thompson
Email: rdthomps@direct.ca

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Message: (Originally posted April, 1999)

Hey! Who is maintaining this site? Congratulations on doing this. Lance Russell and I were both on the kibbutz at this time (both he and I now live in Vancouver) and would be extremely interested in hearing from and about old friends. I hope that now that I've "commented" that I can now get onto the site.



Saturday 04/02/2005 11:57:32am
Name: Klaas van den Berge
Email: flevopc@wxs.nl

Location: The Netherlands
Message: (Originally posted October, 1998)

I was a volunteer in 1980 - 1982. Kibbutz Ein Gev will be always in my memory. I was working the most of the time together with Tito Benshetrit in the carpentry.

I remember Sergio Larsky, Claudia, Helena Bimstein, Family Wallack, Ilana, Fernando, Peter and Hans from the Netherlands and many others.

Good luck for everybody in Kibbutz Ein Gev.

Klaas van den Berge


Saturday 04/02/2005 11:45:25am
Name: Allan Sutton
Location: Yandaran, Australia
Message: (Originally posted October, 1998)

I was a volunteer for about six months of 1978. I still have the Israeli flag, stolen from a flagpole by a pissed pommy bricklayer called Tom, (in front of three busloads of soldiers.) They (Ein Gev) probably still have the denture I lost somehow, the night of my going-away party.

After twenty years I only remember the good stuff and it's pure gold. Hi to those who can remember - drop us a line, guaranteed reply.

M.S.1218, Yandaran, Queensland, Australia. 4673.


Saturday 04/02/2005 11:37:41am
Name: Douglas Kazdoy
Email: kazdoy@aquanet.co.il

Location: Israel
Message: (Originally posted October, 1998)

I was a volunteer for the better part of 1972. Some names like Joel Greenberg, Jessica Fenton, Sharon from NY, Joyce (now an en gev member), some J.A.P. named Susie, Chris from England, and Peggy and Robin from Alabama come to mind. Worked with Yossi Subari in the bananas. Had a great year. Am thankful that it was the period before HIV.


Saturday 04/02/2005 11:32:52am
Name: tamy lifshitz
Email: tamnis@mishkei.org.il

Location: mexico
Message: (Originally posted October, 1998.)

I first got to Ein-Gev in 74 with a Garin from Mexico ... we the Mexicans. Destiny brought me back. Now I live with Nissim (remember him) He got to the kibbutz with his Najal Garin also in 1974. Some years later a Married Morin.

Know we are together. We have a family with 6 children. 3 his, 2 mine and a new baby ...

We send you all a message of peace and love. From our hearts.

Nissim Betzalel and Tamy Lifshitz (and our 6 children)

Saturday 04/02/2005 11:25:09am
Name: Amir & Ruth Benedikt
Email: benedikt@interlog.com

Location: Toronto, Canada
Message: (Originally posted September, 1998)

Hi Ein Gev !!!!!

We have great memories of our time there, especially in the mid and late 70's. (Of course lots of good memories for Amir from the 50's and 60's too!!)

Regards to everyone from us.


Saturday 04/02/2005 0:36:04am
Name: John C. Menszer
Email: menszerman@nola-law.com

Location: New Orleans, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted August, 1998)

I was a volunteer from October 1970 to June 1971. I was told about Ein Gev by a guy we called "Midnight Cowboy". He said go to a kibbutz where you can fish. My roomate was Ivan Rhodes, Duncan, BC, Canada. Ivan had arrived with his friend Pat Hawkes, Vancouver. They had been gold mining. Ivan's girlfriend was Debbi Franco who came from the Congo, a beautiful girl. Another roomate was Michael Bloom, Lexington MASS, who played guitar. And Arni Sassportas, who worked in the refet, with cows. Arnie had an unrequited crush on Betsy Cromey, Wisconsin. Arnie later visited me in New Orleans. Surely, you remember Dr. Bob Singer, Canada. And Alan "Alex" Alexander, Manchester, who married petit Esther Fogel, Montreal. I visited them in England. Also in the Canadian contingent were Ian Ronalds, Toronto, Michael Sperber, Quebec, Phil Dauphnie, Vancouver, Ginny Edmonds, Toronto, and Bill. Bill and Ahuva (Velvele?) liked each other. But Ahuva (kibbutznik, from now on abbreviated "K") was married to David (K) from England it was not cool. I think Ahuva had a daughter, Tal. My kibbutz parents were Mitchell, Pittsburg & Miami, and Dina (Poopsie) Hoffman. Bente Simonsen, Denmark, was intriguing; she smoked a pipe. Energetic Eva Kircz, Overveen, Holland, fell for Bernie (K) a dentist. Eva and I went to Jerusalem together and scrounged free fruit at the market. Do you remember how scared we were when Jeffery Simkovic, Flushing NY showed up with his crew cut. Boy were we wrong about him. He gave me his Velosolex motorcycle which I rode into the dining hall in a black leather jacket for Purim a la Easy Rider. Dick and Stanley, both England, had angry words with each other. Who could forget Stanley. And David (Outrageous) from USA. My friend was Ron Lesser then from San Francisco, now of CT, with whom I have remained in contact, the only volunteer I have done so. We always talk about the great time it was to be at Ein Gev and the crazy things we did. John Constable was from Australia. Veta (K), an older woman, from New Zealand. Henry (Hank) Sado, Forest Hills, NY are you still smoking Nadiv cigarettes? Paul Zipperman was from LA. Everyone remembers den mother Zippy, Phyllis Borin of Detroit who left in March 1971. Zippy I want copies of your pictures. Avner and Jill (Ks) got married by the Kinneret. And Michael's (K) son had a bris. I did not expect to see blood. What was I thinking. Zev (Svika?) you beat me at scrabble with the work razee. Lynn we had a date or two. Rudolph, Germany. Lovely Gabriele (Gabi) Zech, Germany you were kind. Lenore Brownstein, Bayside, NY I remember you. Aaron Levin, Baltimore and Lorna Forbes, Boston did you stay on the kibbutz? Friendly, Susan Kerr, Kent, England you came with a friend. Helmut Flech, Bonn you were my friend. Debra Steinholtz, River Forest, IL and Polly Mills, NYC and Naomi Siebenberg, NYC you were all great. Helkky Kauppi, Finland, were you the guy who had to escort his friend home? Judy Fish, Daton OH. Silent Bjord. To Nipples the dog who died. And to the kibbutzniks we saw day to day. Solid Gidon, handsome Ari, our great friend and protector Shimone, we wish you all well. And Esther the Nurse, she could be the historian of Ein Gev. I would love to hear from you and swap stories. When else have I worked in bananas. I will bring you up to date about myself. I am living in New Orleans. When I left Ein Gev I went to England and worked with Alex and Esther in Wales. Soon I returned to college, got a degree in Philosophy went to Chicago, U of I, graduate school. After I graduated I went on a 40 day canoe trip in northern Canada which is a story in itself. I came back to New Orleans and worked in a family real estate business for 13 years, Reality, finally. In 1989 I went to law school and am now on my own, but not making a killing. My address is 18th floor, 210 Baronne St. New Orleans, LA 70112 (phone:504-525-4361, fax 525-4380 home 861-8723). I have spent 5 years interviewing and photographing Holocaust survivors. My exhibit has been to 16 locations and I am working on a book. I hope to have a web site in the future. Happy trails. John.


Saturday 04/02/2005 0:07:22am
Name: John Menszer
Email: Menszerman@hotmail.com

Location: New Orleans, U.S.A.
Message: (Originally posted August, 1998)

I was a volunteer at Ein Gev from October 1970 through June 1971. We volunteers were a fabulous group of world travellers. I am still in contact with Ron Leeser. He is married and lives in CT. I would love to hear from other volunteers from that time. I will add to this message later.


Saturday 04/02/2005 0:02:40am
Name: Piet Stroomer
Email: piet@eingev.org.il

Location: Israel (originally Holland)
Message: (Originally posted June, 1998)

Hi ex-volunteers.

I was a volunteer during the seventies and was a.k.a. "Dutch Pete".

And guess what? I'm still living on Ein Gev.

I'll be happy to try and answer questions u may have about other people. Recently, a lot of people here got online.



Friday 04/01/2005 11:57:56pm
Name: Tamara Sor
Email: tamara_k@net1.nw.com.au

Location: Australia
Message: (Originally posted May, 1998)

I would like to have contact with Mordechai (Canadian) and Zippy. I will be visiting Israel early June 1998 and would like to visit Ein Gev or hire a caravan in the camping area. Who do I talk to? I was on Ein Gev 1969-1970. I married a fellow volunteer - Seppo Kauppi from Finland.

All the best to you all and hope to see you soon. Chug Yovel sa'me'ach. Shabbat shalom.


Friday 04/01/2005 11:50:07pm
Name: Thomas Macfie
Email: aka@negia.net

Location: Georgia, USA
Message: (Originally posted May, 1998)

Was a volunteer from 1972-1974. Want to hear from those of same period. Other email addresses are: soilbek@daktel.com and soil@bellsouth.net


Friday 04/01/2005 11:43:31pm
Name: Ron Goodden
Email: rgddn@hotmail.com

Location: Atlanta, U.S.A.
Most of us who spent time on Kibbutz Ein Gev remember it as a high point: the people; the setting; the events that were going on in the Middle East around us. May this simple website serve to bring back memories.

My own Kibbutz experience began in September of 1972, as the weather in Europe turned cooler and I did what many another packpacker has done--bought a ticket from Greece to Israel for a kibbutz stay. That stay lasted eight months, for happy reasons that will be voiced again and again in the reminisces of others that follow!

In my case I remember banana fields in the chill of the early morning, sunny afternoons shaking dates off their fronds and into packing boxes, occasional odd duties like chasing chickens or netting fish in the ponds or driving tractors pulling the loads our labors created. I also remember well those many pleasant evenings spent with an ever-changing group of young fellow travellers, good people all.

Other random memories: the hard, straw-filled mattresses on the volunteer beds; the kerosene heaters used to warm the rooms in the winter requiring windows to be kept open a crack to prevent asphyxiation; the second-hand Israeli clothes we all picked out of a big box and learned to feel comfortable in; salvaging half-empty wine bottles from kibbutznik tables at holiday meals to fuel volunteer partying afterwards into the wee hours; the occasional sounds of distant warfare up on the heights; the collection of stray dogs that found a home among the volunteers (Enoch, Sponsy and Chalkie being canine names that come back to me from across the years); always fearing vipers in the fields but seldom actually seeing any; skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee; the exotic Arab music that gushed out of any radio turned on in the balmy evenings; reading the Jerusalem Post and its seemingly never-ending dissection of Middle East politics; the hot, dusty summer winds that sometimes blew in from the eastern desert and dried hung laundry in minutes; hofesh and hafsika, words welcome to volunteer ears anytime; my roommates Nobby (U.K.) and later Andrea (Buenos Aires) and finally Phyllis (NYC).

If you too were on Ein Gev in the seventies you're welcome to add to our diary. But to avoid an avalanche of entries from the more recent years I'll regretfully have to be somewhat merciless with my editing. My apologies to those whose entries simply don't fit into our 1970s time frame ...

Ron Goodden
Webmaster and En Gev volunteer 1972-73