Saturday, November 17, 2012

Name: Linley Wetton nee Shute

Location: Blenheim, New Zealand

Hi there, my name is Linley Wetton nee Shute. It's a wet day here in Blenheim, New Zealand so I'm inside surfing the net and for some reason entered Ein Gev into Google and here I am.

Ofra Ben Shetrit was instrumental in my decision to try kibbutz life after I met her in England, and although I only spent a matter of months on the kibbutz it was nevertheless a very memorable experience.

I remember cooking lambs fry (liver) for breakfast in the communal kitchen. Got it down to a fine art. The other alternative for breakfast was avocado and toast. Preferred my lambs fry. Also remember banana cake made by an American girl - laced with a rather medicinal herb!!!!  I remember playing basketball on the courts with a group of Mexicans - in particular one called Aaron. Heaps of fun. The birds that roosted in the trees and shat everywhere is another lasting memory.

I was at Ein Gev in 1976-77 and the Six Day War was still very real in everyone's mind. Some of the volunteers were treated to a very bumpy and dusty trip around the Golan in an army type truck. We were protected by several fully armed guards. It was amazing to look down on Syria and Lebanon and have the kids throw stones up at us.

My thoughts go to all those in Israel who are preparing at this moment for more conflict with your neigbours. 

Shalom. Peace be with you.